Buzzworthy To Present On Bootstrapping At RISE Conference

Buzzworthy Basketball Marketing Presents At Rise Conference Buzzworthy Basketball Marketing will present at Austin’s RISE Conference:  

What is the RISE Conference?

“Must-Attend 2013 Conference for Entrepreneurs” by Forbes Magazine.

RISE – a Relationship & Information Series for Entrepreneurs – is a nonprofit program that hosts an annual series dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs through a free, crowd-sourced, decentralized conference in which entrepreneurs connect and exchange ideas that inspire the entrepreneurial spirit. Founded for and by entrepreneurs in Austin, Texas in 2007, RISE has grown into an ongoing annual program serving thousands of entrepreneurs and featuring a format that is hands-on and high-energy.


What The Heck is Buzzworthy Basketball Marketing Presenting on?

Melissa Tyree of Itography asked if I would co-present on the subject of:

Bootstrapping Your Startup…Without Getting The Boot From Your Family

My number one secret I will be sharing is to marry up and get lucky with some great kids, but we will also be discussing the challenges and opportunities the balancing act between startups and family that we all face.   We will share our top ten hacks and tips for saving time and keeping a healthy life / work harmony.


Who Are the Other Co-Presenters?

Melissa Tyree – Founder of Itography

Jason Jaymes – Founder of Apptive

Geraldine Smythe – Founder of Culture Booster


When and Where?

2:00PM, Wednesday, May 15

Tech Ranch Austin

9111 Old Jollyville Road, Suite 100
Austin, TX 78759


What Other Conference Sessions Are Available?

I am pretty honored to be colleagues of some of these wonderful leaders and presenters.  Here is the bountiful schedule:


Register Here:…without-getting-the-boot-from-your-family



I found our Infographic of  the Week addressing the topic of whether or not I should invest time on another social media network.  My feelings are that I can only spread myself so thin and want to pick two or three platforms and contribute meaningful value to the basketball entrepreneur community.

Should Your Basketball Training Business Be On Pinterest?

After looking thru the infographic, I have decided that visual content is important.  That I need to do a better job capturing meaningful moments in my basketball business and sharing that.  I am putting Pinterest in the someday maybe list that I will revisit once I have demonstrated a greater commitment to capturing, gathering and curating visual assets.

Should Your Business Be on Pinterest? Find Out [INFOGRAPHIC]
via: Should Your Business Be on Pinterest? Find Out [INFOGRAPHIC]


With every new basketball training client we are faced with the opportunity to improve the life of a young person.

With every challenge that stands in our way, we can feel the pressure of knowing we are being watched and judged.

Our basketball based business is often judged by some unusual metrics.  Our bottom line often ignored.  And our choice of a profession is even laughed at by some.

Are we creating winners?  How do we measure success?  How do we design the daily activities of our business around success and winning?

Basketball Coach John Wooden breaks down the difference and some tips for us to create winners and success in our players, children, and ourselves.



Be Credible

Get Found

Profit From Your Passion


Thought leaders are inherently credible and usually easily found.  Are you a thought leader in your basketball community?  Is your basketball business liked and trusted?  Do people call you for advice?  I am a basketball trainer but get about 10 calls per month  from people looking for AAU basketball teams.  Often I get the voicemail message and have other more profitable tasks to handle.   I still take the time to call people back and give them 5 minutes of my time.  It is the responsibility of a thought leader to serve.

We provide basketball training to about 100 kids.  Injuries are a part of the game and can be an overwhelming experience for parents.  We put together a list of doctors who came highly rated in our interviews of doctors, therapists, coaches, and other parents.  This list would be an example of one of our thought leadership activities.  It positions us as a thought leader and the reward is you slowly earn trusted adviser status.

Be a servant leader and share your experience and thoughts.  Profiting from your passion is not always a  monetary reward.   It is the privilege  of giving as a thought leader.  If you can share some of your proven thought leader activities, we would love to hear them.


educational basketball video marketingConsidering starting down the road of video marketing thru the use of educational basketball videos?

Many basketball trainers have this on their someday maybe list.  With the arrival of HD video cameras on your iphone, there are few obstacles to getting started.  Here are some recommendations:

1.  Plan your story in advance.

2.  Keep it under 3 minutes.  If you want it longer, make it a 3 part series etc.

3.  Be authentic.  Don’t try to go from Playground Legend to Matt Lauer when the director says “Action.”

4.  Don’t have a director?  Get a tripod.

5.  Rent some decent lighting from your local camera equipment shop.  Way cheaper than you think and basketball gyms tend to have terrible lighting further worsened by wooden floors.

6.  Upload it and do some editing with Windows Moviemaker- it is free and probably already on your computer.  The software is very, very intuitive and easy to learn.  iMovie works well too for Apple peeps.

7.  Don’t let the perfect get in the way of the good.  Publish.  Ship.  Produce.

8.  Have fun.

Here are some more tips by a master of educational videos.  Sal Khan of the Khan Academy.  His videos have been viewed 240 million times.  Full article in Fast Company inspired this post.

Del Harris and “On Point” Leadership


I recommend this book by Del Harris.  I met him many years ago in Manhattan Beach California and he was a class act.  Spoke with him via email and he shared the details of his new book drawing parallels between point guard leadership, servant leadership, leading from multiple roles, and Biblical stories as well.  Good stuff.  Thanks Del!


How do we separate the trendy (and sometimes trashy) from the hidden gems that can deliver value to our lives and bottom line?

Choosing business books to read can be difficult.  We would love to get hear your favorites and a soundbyte as to the value they delivered to you.  Here is a cool info-graphic that takes thru the process of selection.  Please add your comments.  Basketball business recommendations are cool, but this is a big picture question.

Of the books below I can recommend the following:


Good to Great


The Lean Startup (although I prefer a similar work called Running Lean by Ash Maurya)

Inbound Marketing

Purple Cow (or anything Seth Godin)

The 4 Hour Work Week (with a disclaimer that I think the premise is somewhat ridiculous- there are some very interesting tidbits in the book that we can all use.)

What can you share?



Which Business Book Should You Read?

By Digital Marketing Agency Koozai


The number two search engine in the world and over 4 billion hours of youtube videos viewed monthly.  Read it and ask yourself:

”Is Youtube A Good Fit For My Basketball Business Marketing?

youtube and your basketball business marketinga-brief-history-of-youtube-infographic-shortymedia


Proof That Coaching Works

Brad Stevens and Coaching PassionBrad Stevens has already sent his mid-major Butler team to the final four, set countless school records but he has failed to live for four decades. He is energetic to watch and appears to energize his team from the sidelines.   His teams are focused, well executing and hard working; a combination that to this point has seen great success including a constant stream of upsets of major division 1 college basketball teams.

Stevens played college basketball with some degree of success and after graduating, took a job outside the field of sports, however his love for the game drove him back to it after hardly any time at all.   Stevens famously quit his job to take a volunteer assistant coaching position at Butler, despite having a family to support and mouths to feed.  His gamble of course paid off as he soon was put on the payroll and quietly and quickly worked his way up to the head coaching position.  That story alone should make playing for him a priority for all high-school recruits.  If you love the game of basketball then you should want to play for someone who loves the game just as much if not more then you and Stevens story proves his love.

There are many other reasons to want to play for Stevens. His ability to prepare his, what some would call, underdog teams for games against powerhouse teams in which he continuously has success shows a detailed and unique knowledge of the game.  It also shows a deep understanding of his own players and their strengths and weaknesses, which allows him to use and develop each of his players to the very best of their abilities.

As a fan of the game how could you not love Stevens and everything he stands for?  He is the man behind Cinderella, the ultimate underdog story. His passion is visible even through the lens of a television and passion itself is a reason to love sports.

I would encourage coaches to try and emulate this energy and passion Stevens brings to the game and see if your team doesn’t improve its performance or at the very least its attitude. Players’ levels of effort and enjoyment respond directly to the levels brought into practices and games by coaches. If you don’t feel passionate about what you are doing every time you step out onto a basketball court than it might be time to think about examining your priorities.

I hope that the future sees more youth in coaches in both the NBA and college basketball. I would never want to take away from the great coaches who have gleaned their knowledge through a lifetime of studying the game but it sure is refreshing to see youthful exuberance coming from the bench. I think it breathes life into the game and gives old aspects new perspectives. This is how the game will continue to evolve as it has in the past and will continue to do so in the future.

Buzzworthy Basketball Marketing seeks to help passionate basketball coaches and trainers who want to share their knowledge and expertise.  Call us to find out how to get started profiting from your basketball passion.


Basketball Startup DecisionsA highly successful basketball coach with 30 plus  years of coaching and entrepreneurial experience (highs and the inevitable lows) emailed me recently with an idea for a new basketball based business.  I started to email him back but thought that in the spirit of enterprise learning I would share some thoughts with the whole gang.  Would love your feedback too.  The truth is that this man can teach me a great deal and we can all offer each other our wisdom and curate the wisdom of others.

Here is some advice I offered up on the process of “Starting Up.”


As always, thanks for sharing your entrepreneurial thoughts with me.  And thanks for letting me share some of your hoops philosophy with the kids I train.

I had the honor of being accepted into a startup acceleration program here in Austin.  Austin is considered one of the 4 best cities for startups in America.   This program helped introduce us to leading edge thinking on how to start a business.  Primarily based on the teachings of a entrepreneur who had succeeded 4 times and also happened to be an Entrepreneurial Professor at Stanford.  He (Steve Blanks) asserts that previous thinking on business planning and starting was flawed.  Copying IBM was stupid.  That startup process was key to saving time and money, and producing revenue.  He has a disciple here in Austin that has furthered his principals. His name is Ash Maurya.  

I have attached a copy of a slideshare discussing “Running Lean” and introduction to a  lean canvas above to help you think productively and concisely.  Kind of a game plan for your business.  Hope this helps.  If you really get into it, I have Ash’s book that I can email you a link to as well.

Let me know if I can help you explore and hash this out at a higher level but this should get you started.