Tampa Youth Basketball Trainer Joins Buzzworthy Family

Tampa Youth Basketball Trainer

We want to welcome Tampa Youth Basketball trainer Kyle Ohman to the Buzzworthy team of basketball trainers as he takes his wonderful brand of training to young and ambitious players in the Tampa area of Florida.  Kyle is an experienced basketball trainer who has shared his knowledge both here in the states and internationally.  Here are some of the highlights of his accomplishments that can help impact youth basketball players.

  • Tampa Youth Basketball TrainerCollegiate basketball player at Liberty University, ranked 19th best shooter in the nation and scored over 1000 points.
  • Former professional player in Europe.
  • Former high school coach who defeated the 12th best team in the nation.
  • Basketball Trainer with experience training youth, collegiate, and pro players.
  • Founder:  www.BasketballHQ.com – Thousands of Online Basketball Training Videos – 40,000 Visitors Per Month
  • “Expert”  Stack.com

Visit Kyle on the Tampa Player Development website.

Forge Player Development

Visit Forge Player Development WebsiteWe wanted to thank Coach Erik Buehler of Forge Player Development for his fine contributions to the basketball trainer community and his fine work in the Denver Youth Basketball market.

Erik has been a fine addition to the Buzzworthy Basketball team of trainers across the nation.  Erik has a background as a former collegiate basketball player, pro basketball trainer for the world famous Impact Basketball Academy, high school coaching, and is just a good guy in general.

Erik has done a great job starting Forge Player Development in Denver where players and coaches alike are growing dependent on his expertise and teaching. He incorporates his background as a prestigious NCAS Strength and Conditioning coach.

Lastly, congratulations Erik for just completing his Masters degree in Sports Coaching from Ohio University.

Basketball Training Business & Opportunity at Final Four

Basketball Training Business & Final FourI will be at the Final Four this Wednesday – Friday and am meeting with both established basketball trainers and those considering going into the business.

Meetings will be at the Dallas City Center Marriott and will last about 15 – 30 minutes so we can explore your basketball story, the opportunities and challenges the training business offers and how we may be able to help each other grow our impact on American basketball.  We can offer you camaraderie, specific advice and an intro to some of the tools that have helped us grow our impact at www.AustinYouthBasketball.com.

Basketball Training Business Tools Like:

Please explore the rest of our website : http://buzzworthybasketballmarketing.com/ and check out our 15 minute webinar on how to grow your basketball training business.

Setup Your Meeting Now

Contact me (Chris Corbett) directly via text at 512-921-4444 or chris@austinyouthbasketball.com to set up our meeting W-F.

Basketball Trainer

Basketball Training Videos

Basketball Training E-books

Austin Youth BasketballBasketball Training Business & Final Four

2013 Google Algorithm Criteria Rankings and Your Basketball Business

SEO Moz is one of the highly regarded tools we use to increase the value of Buzzworthy Basketball Marketing websites for basketball trainers.  They really analyze data at the highest levels and guide us in helping you build your basketball training business.


Evaluating a Basketball Business Opportunity Infographic

Austin Youth Basketball is fortunate enough that many business opportunities come our way thru word of mouth and our commitment to the sport.  A young trainer asked me how do we know which opportunities to explore and which to pass on.  Frankly, we look for sweet spots.  Opportunities should meet three criteria as outlined in the Venn diagram below.  The other option is to create your own opportunities.  If there is a problem that you are passionate about solving, have the expertise to do so, and people are willing to pay for that solution… then create your own product, test, and launch.  I don’t believe this diagram is really original but culled together from a few I have seen, applied and tweaked a bit.


Evaluating a Basketball Business Opportunity Infographic



“How to Evaluate Basketball Camps” E-Book

How To Evaluate Basketball Camps


“How To Evaluate Basketball Camps”

Go To http://austinbasketballcamps.com/ to Get Your Free Copy Now

This is an example of our Basketball E-Book Marketing to help connect parents quality basketball trainers across America.  This is a generic book helping parents look at criteria when evaluating camps.  Feedback welcome at chris@austinyouthbasketball.com.


Most of us are visual learners and there is overwhelming evidence in our social media and basketball marketing work that people are responding more powerfully to images than writing.  Videos, photos on Facebook, and Pinterest have come to dominate the internet scene.  Don’t get left behind.   We have begun a modest visual content folder and encourage you to as well.

Examples of Our Visual Content & Basketball Marketing


Happy Father's Day From Austin Youth Basketball


Austin Basketball Camps Quote from Jordan

Happy Memorial Day from Austin Youth Basketball




For more info in the latest trends successful basketball trainers use to profit from their passion: http://buzzworthybasketballmarketing.com/


Basketball Training and College Scholarships

Many basketball trainers tout themselves as the best avenue to college scholarships for kids.  And some are very good at helping kids achieve this incredible goal.  We do not believe trainers should market themselves as magic wands who produce college scholarships. So much of the responsibility is on the player, natural talent, and even luck. Our marketing does help trainers that play a significant role in helping players earn scholarships but we believe in under promising and over delivering value.

Special thanks to my partners at Basketball HQ, Kyle and Dave for producing this cool basketball infographic, and the contributing coaches for their input.



SEO Basketball Marketing

SEO Basketball Marketing & Your Business

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and SEO Basketball Marketing is critical to your business.  When a young basketball player or parent looks for a basketball trainer, they often turn to their Iphone or computer and Google search for a solution to their problem.  Where you rank in the results of their google search will greatly affect your bottom line.  If you show up on page 2 for keywords that prospective customers use in their google search, you better have an amazing Plan B.  Our clients who rank in the top 3 results for google searches receive a steady flow of leads that boost their business.

SEO Basketball Marketing And Do – It – Yourself Approach

You may be very smart and have abundance amounts of time to learn SEO, web design, content marketing, link strategy, Social media alignment, and ability to learn Google Algorithm changes on a near daily basis.  If you do have the time and have no higher return on your time, then you may be able to do it yourself.  Our way will be  a stronger return on investment of time and money but we wish you luck.  If you nail everything doing it yourself, you may see results in about a year depending on your competition.

SEO Basketball Marketing and Buzzworthy Basketball Marketing

Buzzworthy has a track record of highly ranked websites in the top 50 major markets.  Our network of sites is stronger than the sum of the individual parts.  Our domains have in many cases aged in Google and are recognized accordingly.  Thru economy of scale in multiple markets, we can pass on savings to you that you would otherwise miss out on .  SEO Basketball Marketing is our strength and we look forward to building your business.