Be Credible As A Basketball Trainer

Being credible is critical in any business venture.

Credible to deliver real and measurable value.  Credible in communicating your ability to deliver it and credible in maintaining clients at a profitable level.

Ask yourself:

  • Do I have what it takes to make young players better?

  • Am I committed to lifelong learning for my craft?

  • Is it fun for me?  Am I passionate about training kids?

  • Does the youth basketball community know how I can help them?

  • Do my marketing materials (website, logo, business cards, flyers, etc) communicate and represent my expertise or do they wreak of amateurism?




  1. We give you realistic feedback on your qualifications and how they tie into your ability to succeed as a basketball trainer

  2. We provide you with proven logo design

  3. We get you started with 2000 business cards with proven design

  4. Professional design flyers

  5. A website local to your area and one that highlights you as the expert who can help kids accelerate their game

  6. Content on your website that increases your likeability, your trustworthiness, and ability to solve the player development problem in America

  7. Consulting advice on how to speak with parents, coaches, and players to earn their trust and deliver value

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