Basketball Training Qualifications

Pursuing your passion and prospering from a business perspective have often been considered difficult in the basketball world… until now.

Qualifications That Will Help You Succeed:

  • Collegiate Basketball Playing Experience
  • College Graduate
  • Understanding of  player development principles
  • Life Long Learner always working on better ways to teach and be expert
  • Coaching Experience
  • Ability to to pass criminal background check
  • Strong References
  • First Aid Training
  • Passionate about the game AND sharing expertise with kids
  • Experience contributing to the growth of the souls and spirit of our youth
  • Good writing skills and basic computer proficiency with internet connection
  • Entrepreneurial Spirit and/or experience
  • Desire to build a full time, profitable, and sustainable business (Can be part time for school coaches)
  • Ability to make a decision
  • Access to or ability to gain access to a gym
  • Leadership skills
  • Sales and marketing ability or experience
  • Strong interpersonal and phone communication skills

You may not have all of these skill sets or traits.  We recommend that if you are passionate to apply and we may be able to help you fill in the blanks.

 This is a business opportunity that can start either full or part business

We help qualified and passionate basketball trainers share their basketball expertise at highly profitable levels as entrepreneurs.  Our marketing systems allow the trainer to attract a steady stream of inbound clients thru our web marketing strategies.  Forget about high franchise start up costs.  Forget about big lengthy contracts.  We rent the entire system and our expertise with no long term commitments because we know it works for the right people.

This is a perfect second income stream doing what you love but will most likely grow into something full time if you desire that.

What this is not:

  • A get rich quick scheme.  It requires work, passion, and commitment
  • A franchise or something that requires big startup cash
  • A business you will quit your day job tomorrow over or that will feed a family of four next week.
  • A transactional business.  This is about relationship building and making young players better while communicating value to their family and coaches.

Buzzworthy Basketball builds profitable basketball training businesses for passionate coaches and trainers.  Dominant websites, proven marketing tools, and turnkey systems that make the phone ring with profits with customers and potential profits from day one. 

Have you considered owning your own basketball training business?  Have you considered taking your existing business to an even higher level?  


Call Chris Corbett today at 512.921.4444  for a 15 minute complimentary consultation on options to profit from your passion.

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