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Interested in starting a basketball business?

Not only has Buzzworthy Basketball built Austin Youth Basketball, we have studied what it takes to be a successful startup in this economic environment.   We have built one ourselves, helped accelerate another training business, and also studied the startup and acceleration principles paramount to basketball business.  We have built a very lean startup package that gets you moving without getting mired down in the details.   We handle the details so you can share your expertise.  Check out the video for details of what you get and what it costs.  Read more below the video on startup principles we have incorporated into our systems.

Stanford Professor Steve Blank is a pioneer in developing a comprehensive business model and thought process specifically for the startup.

Best selling author Eric Ries of the “Lean Startup” movement brought his ideas to the masses.

Fellow Austinite Ash Maurya furthered the process with his work “Running Lean.”

And finally, Buzzworthy Basketball Marketing Advisor Kevin Koym has shared this message with me in his role as CEO of Austin Tech Ranch & Co-founder of Bootstrap Austin:

STARTUPS ARE DIFFERENT!!basketball business

  •  Kiss the IBM case studies MBAs study at Harvard goodbye.
  • Worried about producing a 100 page business plan?  Stop worrying.  Skip it.  Instead learn how to build a one page “Lean Canvas” in one of our webinars.
  • You need a ton of money to get started.  It takes money to make money. B.S.  Bootstrapping highly successful businesses is now possible.  Find out how I started Austin Youth Basketball with only $200.
  • Learn how to build a MVP.  No, not a most valuable player.  This is the minimum viable product.   Critical to building hypotheses, testing them, and building a business that can last.
  • Pivoting is an essential skill in basketball and in succeeding as a startup.  Learn more in our webinar.
  • Business development is a process, not a sales call.  It is very different for startups and we can show you how in our webinar.
  • There is a science to startup development.  We help apply these principles to your goal to build a basketball business that can help you profit from your passion.




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