Pure Motivation Basketball Joins The Buzzworthy Family

Dallas Basketball TrainerBuzzworthy Basketball Marketing is pleased to announce that Pure Motivation Basketball has joined the family of basketball trainers determined to positively impact youth basketball across America.

Pure Motivation Basketball is headed up by Dallas Basketball Trainer Prescott Mack.  Prescott is best known as a kid who overcame many odds to achieve his dream of playing college basketball and now in becoming part of our elite basketball trainer family.  Many people told Prescott he was not good enough during his basketball career, but Prescott maintains that focused effort and skill development were foundations of his “Against All Odds” story and that he is dedicated to sharing that process and skill set with basketball players in every workout.

Prescott Mack is an experienced basketball trainer who played the game at Lubbock Christian University.  We are grateful to Mark Williams of Premier Basketball Tournaments and Recruiting Services for bringing Prescott to our attention.  We had the pleasure of meeting with both gentlemen at the Final Four in Dallas and having a very long conversation regarding philosophy, the current state of basketball training, and how we can help be a solution to basketball training moving forward.

Prescott is a humble but determined young man bent on making a difference in the basketball training world… and I would not bet against him.


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