Buzzworthy To Present On Bootstrapping At RISE Conference

Buzzworthy Basketball Marketing Presents At Rise Conference Buzzworthy Basketball Marketing will present at Austin’s RISE Conference:  

What is the RISE Conference?

“Must-Attend 2013 Conference for Entrepreneurs” by Forbes Magazine.

RISE – a Relationship & Information Series for Entrepreneurs – is a nonprofit program that hosts an annual series dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs through a free, crowd-sourced, decentralized conference in which entrepreneurs connect and exchange ideas that inspire the entrepreneurial spirit. Founded for and by entrepreneurs in Austin, Texas in 2007, RISE has grown into an ongoing annual program serving thousands of entrepreneurs and featuring a format that is hands-on and high-energy.


What The Heck is Buzzworthy Basketball Marketing Presenting on?

Melissa Tyree of Itography asked if I would co-present on the subject of:

Bootstrapping Your Startup…Without Getting The Boot From Your Family

My number one secret I will be sharing is to marry up and get lucky with some great kids, but we will also be discussing the challenges and opportunities the balancing act between startups and family that we all face.   We will share our top ten hacks and tips for saving time and keeping a healthy life / work harmony.


Who Are the Other Co-Presenters?

Melissa Tyree – Founder of Itography

Jason Jaymes – Founder of Apptive

Geraldine Smythe – Founder of Culture Booster


When and Where?

2:00PM, Wednesday, May 15

Tech Ranch Austin

9111 Old Jollyville Road, Suite 100
Austin, TX 78759


What Other Conference Sessions Are Available?

I am pretty honored to be colleagues of some of these wonderful leaders and presenters.  Here is the bountiful schedule:


Register Here:…without-getting-the-boot-from-your-family


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