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Thought leaders are inherently credible and usually easily found.  Are you a thought leader in your basketball community?  Is your basketball business liked and trusted?  Do people call you for advice?  I am a basketball trainer but get about 10 calls per month  from people looking for AAU basketball teams.  Often I get the voicemail message and have other more profitable tasks to handle.   I still take the time to call people back and give them 5 minutes of my time.  It is the responsibility of a thought leader to serve.

We provide basketball training to about 100 kids.  Injuries are a part of the game and can be an overwhelming experience for parents.  We put together a list of doctors who came highly rated in our interviews of doctors, therapists, coaches, and other parents.  This list would be an example of one of our thought leadership activities.  It positions us as a thought leader and the reward is you slowly earn trusted adviser status.

Be a servant leader and share your experience and thoughts.  Profiting from your passion is not always a  monetary reward.   It is the privilege  of giving as a thought leader.  If you can share some of your proven thought leader activities, we would love to hear them.

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