educational basketball video marketingConsidering starting down the road of video marketing thru the use of educational basketball videos?

Many basketball trainers have this on their someday maybe list.  With the arrival of HD video cameras on your iphone, there are few obstacles to getting started.  Here are some recommendations:

1.  Plan your story in advance.

2.  Keep it under 3 minutes.  If you want it longer, make it a 3 part series etc.

3.  Be authentic.  Don’t try to go from Playground Legend to Matt Lauer when the director says “Action.”

4.  Don’t have a director?  Get a tripod.

5.  Rent some decent lighting from your local camera equipment shop.  Way cheaper than you think and basketball gyms tend to have terrible lighting further worsened by wooden floors.

6.  Upload it and do some editing with Windows Moviemaker- it is free and probably already on your computer.  The software is very, very intuitive and easy to learn.  iMovie works well too for Apple peeps.

7.  Don’t let the perfect get in the way of the good.  Publish.  Ship.  Produce.

8.  Have fun.

Here are some more tips by a master of educational videos.  Sal Khan of the Khan Academy.  His videos have been viewed 240 million times.  Full article in Fast Company inspired this post.

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