Basketball Startup DecisionsA highly successful basketball coach with 30 plus  years of coaching and entrepreneurial experience (highs and the inevitable lows) emailed me recently with an idea for a new basketball based business.  I started to email him back but thought that in the spirit of enterprise learning I would share some thoughts with the whole gang.  Would love your feedback too.  The truth is that this man can teach me a great deal and we can all offer each other our wisdom and curate the wisdom of others.

Here is some advice I offered up on the process of “Starting Up.”


As always, thanks for sharing your entrepreneurial thoughts with me.  And thanks for letting me share some of your hoops philosophy with the kids I train.

I had the honor of being accepted into a startup acceleration program here in Austin.  Austin is considered one of the 4 best cities for startups in America.   This program helped introduce us to leading edge thinking on how to start a business.  Primarily based on the teachings of a entrepreneur who had succeeded 4 times and also happened to be an Entrepreneurial Professor at Stanford.  He (Steve Blanks) asserts that previous thinking on business planning and starting was flawed.  Copying IBM was stupid.  That startup process was key to saving time and money, and producing revenue.  He has a disciple here in Austin that has furthered his principals. His name is Ash Maurya.  

I have attached a copy of a slideshare discussing “Running Lean” and introduction to a  lean canvas above to help you think productively and concisely.  Kind of a game plan for your business.  Hope this helps.  If you really get into it, I have Ash’s book that I can email you a link to as well.

Let me know if I can help you explore and hash this out at a higher level but this should get you started.



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